1 – CAO accomplishments Yay 9 – 0 Presentation
2 – Municipal accomplishments Yay 9 – 0 Consent
3 – Devonwood Trail sale of parkland NAY 8 – 1 Delegation
4 – Roseland Golf & Curling Yay 9 – 0 Consent
5 – Wyandotte road rehab Yay 9 – 0 Consent
6 – Tender of Lauzon Road improvement Yay 9 – 0 Consent
7 – Waiver Property Taxes – Spirit Excellence NAY 7 – 2 Delegation
8 – Annual temporary borrowing Yay 9 – 0 Consent
9 – Annual report card on strategic plan Yay 9 – 0 Consent
10 – Interim property tax bills Yay 8 – 0 Consent
11 – Municipal finance internship program Yay 9 – 0 Consent
12 – Penalties & interest on unpaid property taxes Yay 8 – 0 Delegation
13 – Request for extension of property tax exemption for JCC NAY 7 – 2 Delegation
14 – Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority plan Yay 9 – 0 Presentation

*Consent items are non-controversial items that are mostly administrative issues—housekeeping—that are adopted without debate.  For example: City Council accepts the Municipal Accomplishments report

**Minority (dissenting) votes are in bold.


On three occasions I was in the minority by voting “NAY” including my first 8 to 1 decision where I was the sole dissenter – The Devonwood Trail issue.

Item #3 – Devonwood Trail—brought forward several home owners who wanted to purchase a twenty-foot deep parcel of City-owned parkland to the rear of their homes.  The land was appraised at $128,300.  The home owners offered the City $24, 057 which represents a discount of 81% of the appraised value.  Therefore, I could not support this transaction on two grounds.  From an environmental standpoint, we should protect every inch of parkland and green space in the City rather than sell it.  From an economic standpoint, the offer proposed by the home owners is far below the market value of the parkland.

Item#7 – Waiver of Property Taxes for Spirit of Excellence (SOE)—brought forward a non-profit community organization that operates in the Ford City area.  Due to a decision by MPAC–a Provincial body–the SOE was forgiven its taxes and penalties/interest owed from 2007 onward.  Subsequent to that decision, the SOE requested that Council forgive its taxes/interest/penalties from 2005 and 2006.  I voted against that request.

Item#13 – Please see my earlier post titled “Extension of Tax Exempt Status” dated January 15, 2013 which explains my decision to vote against extending tax-exempt status to additional adjacent property the Jewish Community Centre (JCC) was looking to purchase.  In short, I believe that the path to tax-exempt status must be equal for all community organizations, and for all organizations that path leads through MPAC–a Provincial body–not City Council.


Friday, January 31st – COFFEE CABINET

button pearsonI will be at the Riverside Sportsmen’s Club from 4:30pm until 5:30pm to chat with Ward 7 residents about their concerns, Ward 7 issues, how I voted and upcoming Council meetings.  Join me for a coffee and make sure to bring your favourite political souvenir e.g. campaign button, poster or brochure!


1 – Art Gallery Security System Yay 8 – 0 Consent
2 – City of Windsor homelessness program Yay 8 – 0 Presentation/Delegation
3 – Purchase of crane Yay 8 – 0 Consent
4 – Purchase of sewer vacuum Yay 8 – 0 Consent
5a – Council appoint Integrity Commissioner Yay 8 – 0 Delegation
5b – Appoint LAS Ltd. As Meetings Investigator NAY 5 – 3 Debate
6 – Corporate Asset Management Plan Yay 8 – 0 Presentation
7 – Mobile Strategy Update Yay 8 – 0 Consent
8 – Lou Romano chemical requirement Yay 8 – 0 Consent
9 – Willistead Manor catering contract Yay 8 – 0 Consent
10 – Open Enwin board meetings Yay 8 – 0 Delegation
11 – International Children’s Games Yay 8 – 0 Discussion
12 – Winter Classic banners Yay 8 – 0 Consent
13 – Windsor Police Services Yay 8 – 0 Consent
14 – Sewer rate update Yay 8 – 0 Consent

*Consent items are non-controversial items that are mostly administrative issues—housekeeping—that are adopted without debate.  For example: City Council accepts the Mobile Update Strategy report

**Minority (dissenting) votes are in bold.


Aside from a spirited discussion on the reorganization of Fire and Rescue Services brought forth by the delegation of firefighters, most of the items on the agenda were consent items (a.k.a housekeeping) that did not require a debate.

I–along with two other Council Colleagues–voted NAY on Item#5B.  Rather than appoint the company LAS Ltd. as the meetings investigator for the City at a cost to taxpayers, I felt we should use the services of the Ontario Ombudsman, which is used by over 100 municipalities and is FREE.

A very interesting issue came before Council on Monday, January 6th.  The Jewish Community Centre (JCC) was asking Council to extend the tax-exempt status it was granted on its property in 1960 to include additional adjacent property the JCC was considering purchasing and turning into green space.  This was an interesting issue to be sure. For me–as one of two Councillors who voted against the extension of tax exempt status–the central issue was equality: the path to tax exempt status should be the same for all organizations. Here’s the critical fact: community organizations seeking tax exemption have to go through MPAC–an independent body established by the Province of Ontario–and NOT city council.  Most exceptions to that standard practice were granted before 1970…long before MPAC was established in 1997.  Hence, even though the JCC does exceptional work for the betterment of our community, my decision was based on the fact that the same process should apply to all organizations.

Here is an article from the Windsor Star that summarizes Council’s decision: article.

Percy and IrekMy first City Council meeting took place on Monday, December 16th.  Council chamber was packed–wall to wall–with firefighters eager to discuss the reorganization of Windsor Fire & Rescue.  It was great to see MPP Percy Hatfield stop by, offer a hearty handshake and a “good luck” before the start of deliberations.

Friday, January 17th – Coffee Cabinet

JFK buttonI will be at the Tim Horton’s on Tecumseh Road (near Banwell) at 4pm to 5pm to chat with Ward 7 residents about issues on their minds and discuss past and future council meeting items.  Bring your favourite political souvenir e.g. campaign button, mug, poster.

Anne Jarvis of the Windsor Star published a very upbeat article at the start of the New Year called A New Windsor.  I have to say, I share Anne’s enthusiasm for the new bicycle paths that will be expanded around town and make our neighbourhoods healthier and our cities more livable.  Take a look, and let me know what you like about the New Windsor.

At the heart of my 7 Point Plan for Ward 7 is the belief that Education is Economic Development, and that we need to bring more resources and partnerships to our schools. Take a look at this excellent Globe and Mail article that helps connect the dots between the health of our schools and the health of our neighbourhoods: ARTICLE.

irek w7 thoracic Ι attended last night’s rally to Save Thoracic Cancer Surgery in Windsor and Essex.  The turnout was terrific and the organizers and surgeons present should be commended for mobilizing the community    around this critical issue.  This issue is not just about saving thoracic cancer surgeries, but about keeping thoracic surgeons and protecting all thoracic services in our region.  I know how important that critical service can be, because my older brother required thoracic surgery and care when he was a university student. He is now perfectly healthy, raising a family, and teaching biochemistry at a university.  I still remember the drawing he posted on his hospital room door of a dinosaur with the title “Welcome to Thoracic Park”.

Irek support young startup entrepreneurs
With startup entrepreneurs outside the Accelerator

I have the great privilege of working with some of the brightest young startup entrepreneurs in Windsor and Essex through a program called DeskUP that provides business mentoring and subsidized office space in the Downtown Business Accelerator.  Here is a great article about that in the Windsor Star.  Click HERE.

You’ll here me talking a lot about the Downtown Business Accelerator that houses twenty five dynamic startups and small businesses under one roof who work together, share resources, expertise and costs.  This is grassroots economic development.

The companies vary across different sectors.  There are digital and tech companies like Daedas, Astral Social, Noxtrom Digital and Razzlewood run by entrepreneurs in their twenties.  Chris Pressey Design is a graphic design outfit that services not only our region but also Michigan and beyond.  There are other services such as Your Choice Paralegals and Enlighten Counselling Services.  The Windsor Express basketball team have their offices here too.  Stonethro Studies does professional video production.  There are non-profits here too including our own WEtech Alliance and Junior Achievement.

You can find the whole roster here on the Accelerator website.  Click HERE.

It’s quite amazing, and what is terrific is bumping into entrepreneurs who have moved out of the business incubator and have successfully gone out on their own to establish thriving businesses across Windsor and Essex.

If you get a chance, pop into the Accelerator at 720 Ouellette Avenue on the corner of Tuscarora.  I’ll be glad to give you a tour!