1 – Local contribution to the proposed Windsor Essex Hospital Plan Yes 9-1 Delegation
Council Question: WFCU


I supported the Motion to fund the City’s portion of the construction of a New Hospital.

This vote is consistent with my earlier vote on December 25th, 2015 – which in essence gave the City’s approval for the New Hospital.

However – I do believe that the New Hospital could have been funded without the need for an additional tax levy for the simple reason that we already established a Debt Reduction Levy (DRL) over a decade ago that raises $32 million each year to fund capital projects.  This Levy should more appropriately be called a Debt Avoidance Levy (DAL) since its purpose is to have “cash-on-hand” to fund capital projects and thus avoid having to take on debt.

Historically we have used the Debt Reduction Levy to fund growth capital projects very similar to the New Hospital:

o   WFCU: $65 million

o   Family Aquatics Centre: $62 million

o   Huron Lodge: $42 million

o   400 City Hall Square building: $30 million

o   Richmond Landing: $10 million

o   Police Training Facility $10 million

o   Art Gallery: $6 million


Starting in 2021 – the full $32 million of the Debt Reduction Levy is unallocated, which begs th question: why can’t we simply ask that the Hospital Levy be funded from the Debt Reduction Levy from 2021 to 2026 at $16M per year?

In the end – I supported the Second Motion – supporting the Mayor’s Hospital Levy of 1 per cent.





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