8.1 – WIATC combined heat and power Yes 10-0 Consent
8.2 – Meadowbrook Lane streetlights Yes 10-0 Consent
12.12 – Windsor Mold Inc. CIP Yes 10-0 Consent
13.4 – Bylaw to amend 8600 Yes 10-0 Consent
12.5 – Afternoon in Alley – Maiden Lane close Yes 10-0 Consent
12.11 – CIP for 775 Riverside Drive E. Yes 10-0 Consent
12.3 – Diversity Committee report no. 3 Yes 10-0 Consent
12.9 – Development approval  BPI Yes 10-0 Delegation
8.3 – Community garden collective Yes 10-0 Delegation
11.3 – Smoking Bylaw Yes 10-0 Delegation
 7.2 – Two Year Road Warranty  Yes  3-7  Communication

****Note change in Council Report format.   This new format – though more complicated – does make the use of electronic documentation easier and hence will ease transition to paperless reports.

Communication Item No. 7.2 – Queen Street Sewer and Pavement Rehabilitation – Two Year Warranty

Last August, Council directed Administration “to ensure that, as a pilot project, a future road rehabilitation tender have a provisional item or a trial added to it asking for the submissions to contain an extended two year warranty, and that the results be reported back to Council”.

The Queen Street road rehab in Ward 2 has an estimated cost of $1.23 million. The cost for an extended two-year warranty is $1,300 – representing less than 1/10th of 1 per cent of the total cost of the project.  I put forward the motion that the City purchase this additional one year of warranty on the roads in order to complete the pilot project and report back in two years the costs-and-benefits of a two year warranty on roads.

That motion was defeated.

It is interesting to note that the City of Toronto has a two-year warranty on all linear and vertical capital projects including roads.   In fact, a fairly recent City of Toronto report (2012) titled “Review of General Contract Conditions for Capital Projects” concluded:  The City’s standard 24-month warranty period has been successful in safeguarding the City against premature failures, defects and deficiencies in machinery, materials and workmanship, and it is recommended that this practice be maintained and continued.  


Council Question:

I asked the following Council Question:

CQ1: A resident approached me with a number of questions regarding the WFCU Centre.  I was directed by Administration to submit the inquiry in the form of a Council Question:

1. When this year will the gym floor be replaced, and what floor material will be used?

2. Will the main bowl sound system be upgraded before the FINA championships in December?

3. What will specifically be done to repave the WFCU parking lot? Will it be resurfaced before the FINA championships?

4. What specifically will be done this year in the floor drain washrooms in the community centre dressing rooms?

5. Confirm that nothing will be done until 2019 to repair the floor drains, and the pooling of water, in the Zamboni rooms?


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