Sound Economic Policy and Fiscal Responsibility

We need to take a pause from big ticket purchases and return to basics.  A city with no debt, low taxes and good roads sends a powerful signal to investors that it has its financial house in order and its priorities straight. It is the reason I voted “No” on the construction of a $7.2 million downtown parking garage and “No” on a multi-million dollar downtown riverfront tunnel.

Job Creation Starts at Home

I spent four years working in the Downtown Business Accelerator that hosts 30 start-up companies and entrepreneurs who are invested in Windsor.  We need to support our homegrown businesses first.  I supported job creation and job retention by supporting homegrown manufacturing companies through the Community Improvement Plan and brought industrial tax rates down.

Improve Infrastructure & Public Safety

Better roads and sewers are a top priority.  Installing separation barriers along E.C. Row Expressway and strengthening rail regulations improve infrastructure and public safety.  I am proud to have shown leadership on these issues on Council.

Smart Open Government

I am Director of Partnerships at a Regional Innovation Centre, which is building a vibrant technology sector in Windsor and Essex.  Using technology we can make local government more transparent, accessible, accountable and responsive to the residents of Windsor.  I am proud to be the only City Councillor who publishes their voting record online.

Parks, Bike Trails and Quality of Life

I love to walk the trails near Banwell, Ganatchio and Optimist Park.  I will fight to protect every inch of green space in Windsor and keep parks safe and accessible – and I will support investments that expand bike trails across the City.  I voted YES to build an East End community swimming pool in the WFCU Centre funded 75 per cent by revenue from a private company.

Public Transit

Transit Windsor routes have not kept up with developments in Ward 7.   Expanding bus routes helps seniors, students and professionals get to their destination such as a swimming pool, library, school, doctor and work.  As a Transit Board Member I was proud to expand Lauzon 10 services and include bus-stops right at the door of the WFCU Centre.

Strong Schools, Strong Economy

I believe education is the foundation of economic development and that the city has an important role to play in both.  I work hard to bring more resources and partnerships to our schools through programs such as FIRST Robotics and making our libraries more innovative.  I led the bid to establish the annual Windsor Essex Great Lakes Robotics Regional – the largest high school robotics tournament in Canada – which will pump up to $1 million into our city each year and draw 2000 competitors and visitors.


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