It is time we bring the EC Row Expressway into the modern era of safety while simultaneously pressing the Ontario government to improve Highway 401.

On Monday’s sitting of Council I requested that Administration report back on the cost and feasibility of installing so-called High Tension Cable Barriers (HTCB) along the median of EC Row Expressway separating east and westbound traffic.  The Cable Barriers have been used widely across the United States, British Columbia and Alberta.  They are 95 per cent effective and are 1/3 the cost of regular concrete barriers to install and maintain.  Wherever they have been installed, they have reduced cross-over fatalities to zero and they are endorsed by RCMP and police officers who have seen them do their work.

Here is a Windsor Star article on the subject: click here.

Lynn Martin did a one hour program on improving EC Row on AM800: click here.

Here is a good article that testifies to the effectiveness and cost-friendly High Tension Cable Barriers that have been in use by the Minnesota Department of Transportation over the last decade: Click here

And here is a very good video describing how it works: click here

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1 – To deny Car Pro industries festival Yay 10-0 Delegation
2 – One foot reserve Yay 10-0 Consent
3- Mandatory recycling facilities Yay 10-0 Consent
4 – 10 year housing and homelessness plan Yay 10-0 Consent
5 – Children’s safety village Yay 10-0 Delegation
6 – WECHU reserve fund Nay 0 – 10 Consent
7 – Municipal funding agreement Yay 10-0 Consent
8 – Application for New Build Canada Fund Yay 10-0 Consent
9 – Reaume Park renovations Yay 10-0 Consent
10 – Tree planting at Airport Yay 10-0 Consent
11 – Host for Evacuees Yay 10-0 Consent
Report No. 193 – 4 hour dog tethering limit Yay 9-1 Delegation
Communication #22      

Communication #22 – I asked the City Engineer to explain why 19 out of 33 streets that received supplementary Sidewalk Street Cleaning were located in the downtown core?  I asked for an equitable number of streets in Ward 7—streets such as Banwell, McHugh, McNorton and Little River to receive equal attention under this plan.

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Serbia fundraiser












I spent a wonderful evening at the Serbian Centre meeting some great and generous people over dinner at the fundraiser for the flood victims in Serbia.  The key word is Solidarity.  We are all neighbours, and we rally around each other in times of need.

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I had a fantastic time with some good friends at the 2014 Mayor’s Riverfront Walk as we celebrated the City’s Birthday!

Sincerest congratulations to the Youth Leadership Award recipients including Foad Karimian who has been running a successful entrepreneurship program at the Accelerator for high school students and also the unemployed, as well as Michelle Gajewski who is the President of the Polish Canadian Students Association at the University of Windsor.  Great work!


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I had a wonderful time at the South Asian Centre banquet.  Great food.  Fantastic entertainment.  Wonderful celebration.South Asian Dinner

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1 – Car Pro Industries waiver of fees deferral Yay 10-0 Deferral
2 – Targeted Initiative for Older Workers renewal Yay 10-0 Delegation
3- Blight mitigation update Yay 10-0 Consent
4 – Declaration of Vacant Land Yay 10-0 Consent
5 – Declaration of improved properties Yay 10-0 Consent
6 – Application to Innovation Fund Yay 10-0 Consent
7 – 2014 BIA Budget Approval Yay 6-5 Delegation
Report No 187 – Concrete Barriers Yay 10-0 Consent


Item #7 – The nine Business improvement Areas (BIA) across Windsor presented their budgets for 2014.  Administration put forward several recommendations including approving the budgets or working to complete the budgets for eight (8) of them.  The City administration recommended that Council not approve the 2014 budget for the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Area (DWBIA) which was asking the City to forgive $152,073 it owes the City for streetscape improvements while asking for an extended repayment period for the additional $101,352 it owes the City when the 1 Riverside Drive property was reassessed.

The total under consideration was $253,426.

I voted to support the City’s recommendation to reject both the forgiveness and the ten year repayment plan.  Of primary consideration for me was the fact that more than 30 per cent of DWBIA funding goes towards administration costs.  This seems very high to me.  In essence, the DWBIA levies a tax on small business owners each year and one-out-of every three dollars ($1 of every $3) of that goes towards DWBIA salaries and other office expenses.  Seems to me there is some fat to be cut here.  We all have to tighten our belts.

Although I will not support forgiving the money that is owed to the City by the DWBIA, I will support a longer repayment period if the DWBIA can demonstrate an effort to bringing administration and salary costs down.

Report #187 – A report regarding concrete barriers aka Jersey Barriers came before Council.  In short, Councillor Valentinis had put forward a Council Question in September 2013 asking Administration to report back on whether time limitations or prohibitions can be placed on private land owners who place concrete barriers on their vacated lots.  The City recommended not put any restrictions on the use of concrete barriers.  No other city has such restrictions since it is necessary to secure vacant lots to prevent vandalism, littering and unauthorized use.  Although I supported this motion, it is my view that the question itself is faulty as is the approach.   The City should pursue establishing options for private landowners to choose alternatives e.g. placing large concrete planters with trees/plants in place of the unsightly concrete barriers especially in gateway intersections—such as—the vacant former gas stations on the corner of Forest Glade Drive and Tecumseh Road East.  Though this motion passed,  I will continue to pursue an alternate to jersey barriers with the City such as the use of concrete planters with trees/plants in order to maintain the standard of our neighbourhoods – which in my opinion concrete barriers simply degrade.

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I attended the kick off of the Food.Art.Bikes (FAB) @ City Cyclery last week where about 90 people listened to a half dozen presenters put forward their vision for a more livable City through music, food, art, and recreation.  Kudos to the organizers.  Now let’s roll up our sleeves and do the hard pedaling of making these inspiring ideas a reality around town!

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We hosted our third annual Practise Your Pitch session for regional finalists who are representing Windsor and Essex at the Canada Wide Science Fair.  These are our next generation of innovators and job creators.  Last year’s finalist–Alex Dean–was recently named by MacLeans Magazine as one of Canada’s Top Future Leaders for his invention of a sonar-based belt that helps the visually impaired navigate their surroundings.  Alex is in Grade Twelve!  These kids are like shooting stars across the sky and I’m just so privileged to be part of their trajectory even if for a brief moment in time.  Good luck!


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