I attended a meeting of the Public School Board – along with my Council Colleagues Rino Bortolin and Chris Holt – to get a better understanding of the Board’s thinking surrounding the latest recommended Program and Accommodation Review Committee (PARC) process which – once commenced – would review the viability of seven schools in the City’s core.

I firmly believe that the City and School Boards should work together to cultivate closer collaboration and coordination – and that collaborative approach is perhaps most sorely needed when the issue of school closures arises because the impact of school closures resonate far beyond school walls and beyond school board chambers.

Anne Jarvis of the Windsor Star put it best in her article titled “The Cost of Closing Core Schools” when she writes:

But an elementary school is the heart of a neighbourhood. If it closes, it leaves a chasm. The board and the city are partners, trustees are realizing. A vibrant neighbourhood and a successful school depend on each other.

The Board and the City ARE partners.  With a greater awareness of this fact and sustained leadership from both sides, the lines of communication can be opened up – and not only could alternatives to school closures be potentially found, but other opportunities for synergy could be identified- most notably through the concept of Community Hubs promoted heavily by the Province of Ontario.

For the entire Jarvis article – CLICK HERE


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