Investing in Good Roads, Reliable Sewers and Strong Infrastructure

Investing in good roads and sewers is a top priority. I supported the historic $89 million investment that will improve flood mitigation in Ward 6 & Ward 7 – with $40 million directly improving flood mitigation in Ward 7 by improving capacity in our sewers, pump stations and retention basins. I am proud to have shown leadership on infrastructure at City Council by calling for the acceleration of the Storm and Sanitary Master Plan and the introduction of a Quality Assurance program that guarantees the quality of construction material used in our roads and other infrastructure projects, saving taxpayer investments.

Sound Economic Policy and Low Taxes

We need to take a pause from big ticket purchases and return to basics like infrastructure. A city with no debt, low taxes, and strong infrastructure sends a powerful signal to investors that it has its financial house in order and its priorities straight.

Over the last four years – Council committed to keeping tax increases as close to zero as possible, while at the same time reducing the City’s debt by $20 million.

It is the reason I voted “No” on the construction of a $7.2 million downtown parking garage and “No” on a multi-million dollar downtown riverfront tunnel.

Parks, Bike Trails and Quality of Life

I love to walk the trails near Banwell, Ganatchio and Forest Glade Optimist Park. I will fight to protect every inch of green space in Windsor, keep parks safe and accessible, and I will support investments that improve our parks and expand bike trails across the City. I voted YES to build an East End community swimming pool in the WFCU Centre, secured funding for new trails, washrooms, paved parking and a new basketball court at Elizabeth Kishkon Park (expected 2018), led the refurbishment of the basketball court at Forest Glade Optimist Park, and led the inclusion of trail lights on the Ganatchio Trail in the capital budget.

Transparent and Accountable Government

I voted YES to hire an independent Auditor General and I am proud to be the only City Councillor who publishes their voting record online. I also supported the expansion of online services at City Hall such as e-permits and mobile parking payment. Using technology we can make local government more transparent, accessible, accountable and responsive to the residents of Windsor.

Job Creation Starts at Home

Working daily with local start-up companies and entrepreneurs who are strengthening our economy, I understand that we need to support our homegrown businesses and help manufacturing companies create new jobs through the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and by bringing down the industrial and commercial tax rates.  The CIP program passed unanimously by City Council has attracted $60 million in downtown investment and drawn over 450 jobs to Windsor in the last year alone.

Public Transit

Transit Windsor routes have not kept up with developments in Ward 7. Expanding bus routes helps seniors, students and professionals get to their destination such as a swimming pool, library, school, doctor and work. I supported the expansion of Lauzon 10 services, the purchase of 24 new transit buses, and the installation of 120 bus shelters across the city.

Strong Schools, Strong Economy

I believe education is the foundation of economic development and that the city has an important role to play in both. I work hard to bring more resources and partnerships to our schools through programs such as FIRST Robotics and making our libraries more innovative by establishing a tech hub at Forest Glade Library. I led the bid to establish the annual Windsor Essex Great Lakes Robotics Regional – which pumps up to $1 million into our city each year and draws 2000 competitors and visitors to our City.