Irek Profile

Irek Kusmierczyk, 41, and his family have proudly called Windsor-Tecumseh their home for over 35 years.

A hard worker, Irek has been elected three times to Windsor City Council serving as a strong voice for residents and advocating for historic investments in flood protection, road improvements, libraries and parks that improve quality of life.

Irek’s family immigrated to Canada and settled in Windsor where his father worked in the auto industry and his mom was a teller at a small local credit union.  Irek earned his PhD from Vanderbilt University in the United States and a Master Degree in Government from the London School of Economics specializing in local government and cross-border environmental relations around the Great Lakes. He has government experience working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Atlantic Council of Canada Fellow.

His passion is helping youth discover their potential and succeed.

President Roosevelt said, “we cannot always prepare the future for our youth, but we can prepare our youth for the future.”

Irek is the Director of Partnerships for WEtech Alliance, which helps grow technology companies in Windsor and Essex County that create jobs and help diversify the region’s economy. Irek also built partnerships with industry, schools, the university and college to launch the FIRST Robotics program in over 60 high schools and grade schools across our region to prepare our young people for successful careers today and tomorrow.

Irek recently married his lovely wife, Shauna, who is a graduate of the University of Windsor and is a local Nurse Practitioner serving residents in Windsor-Essex and Pelee Island.