Chrysler in Windsor

Recall I voted against spending $35 million on a new City Hall until at least we know where we stand with negotiations surrounding Chrysler’s future in Windsor.
Here is an interesting article in today’s National Post called Chrysler Requesting Unprecedented Government Subsidies for Windsor Plant.  Click here.
Key quotes: “and the threat of the automaker vacating the Windsor plant is very real”.
“…she said part of the advantage U.S. jurisdictions have over Canadian ones is that the municipal governments in the U.S. has more flexibility in what they can do to court investments including tax breaks, cash and land grants, and other incentives”
“Mexico has also coordinated all three levels of government in a way that Canada has yet to do, which has given it a competitive edge”.
I could be getting way ahead of myself, but it seems to me that in the not-too-distant future Canadian municipalities may be asked to play a bigger role in courting investment and the Chrysler negotiations may instigate that change sooner than we think.  The City of Windsor has to be ready if we are called to bring resources to the table to secure Chrysler’s long-term future in Windsor.