I spent an evening today with the WE Succeed Youth Leadership Council made up of young women ages 18-25 who are breaking down barriers that prevent them from entering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as the skilled trades. One of the reasons I am so passionate about FIRST Robotics is because half the participants are girls and FIRST Robotics does a remarkable job of breaking down those cultural barriers that limit the potential of our young women in this regard. Less than 2 percent of workers in the skilled trades are women. Also, less than 10 per cent of engineers are women. That’s our loss!

Check out this great video of an all-girls robotics team from the Bronx:

All Girls Robotics Team from the Bronx

We have a robotics team in Windsor that is made up mostly of girls including the Team Leader and Chief Engineer. ┬áIf you are a woman engineer or woman in the skilled trades, make the decision to mentor one of our fourteen local robotics teams today, and help break down these stereotypes and cultural barriers that stand in the way of our girls. Email me and we’ll get you plugged in!


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