11.1 2017 Operating Budget Yes 2-8 Presentation
11.3 2017 5-Year Capital Budget Yes 10-0 Presentation
7.2 2016 Flooding Event debrief Yes 10-0 Presentation
11.2 2017 Sewer Surcharge update Yes 10-0 Regular
11.4 Recycling in city facilities Yes 10-0 Regular
11.5 Bulk item collection Yes 10-0 Regular
11.6 Rodent extermination program Yes 10-0 Regular
11.7 Post traumatic stress disorder legislation Yes 10-0 Regular
11.8 City Wide WPFFA retirees and survivor benefits Yes 10-0 Regular
11.9 Weekly free admission day for museum – maintain status quo Yes 10-0 Regular
11.10 2017 Operating budget for WECHC Yes 10-0 Regular
11.11 – Municipal poverty reduction initiatives Yes 10-0 Regular
11.12 Facilities master plan Yes 10-0 Regular
11.13 Road Quality Assurance investment Yes 10-0 Regular
11.14 Dougall Avenue Two-Way conversion report Yes 10-0 Regular
11.15 Dougall Two-Way conversion No 3-7 Regular
11.16 Central Box Yes 10-0 Regular
11.17 Grand Marais Drain update Yes 10-0 Regular
11.18 Operation review of 311/211 Yes 10-0 Regular
11.19 School neighbourhood policy Yes 10-0 Regular
11.20 Norman Road sewers Yes 10-0 Regular
11.21 Lighting on South National Street Yes 10-0 Regular


Item 11.1 & Item 11.3: 2017 Operating Budget & 2017 Five-Year Capital Budget

The Mayor and City Council delivered an Operating and Capital Budget for 2017 that includes a 1.73 per cent increase to the tax levy.

This includes increases to so-called independent Agencies, Boards and Committees (ABCs) – such as Windsor Essex County Health Unit, EMS, Essex Regional Conservation Authority etc. – of about $3 million over which City Council has no direct control.

Despite the increases from the ABCs plus significant inflationary pressures – for example, about $2 million more in hydro expenses than the year before – the 2017 tax levy is actually lower than the 2008 tax levy.

To put that into perspective – since 2008, the total tax levy for 23 cities across Ontario has gone up on average by 23 per cent.

Windsor’s tax levy has actually gone down by 5 per cent.

Some highlights for Windsor and Ward 7:

  • Funding to prioritize completion of Sanitary and Storm Water Master Plan in 2018 rather than the originally planned 2020.
  • Funding for review of capacity at Pontiac Pumping Station at Little River Pollution Control Plant
  • Funding for hiring technicians that will expedite applications/inspections for Basement Flood Protection Subsidy Program
  • Funding for continuation of Basement Flood Protection Subsidy Program
  • Rat Control program will be reinstated as a free service
  • Funding for hiring a Quality Assurance Technician for road construction and road asphalt
  • Cat voucher program will be maintained
  • Additional building inspectors hired to reduce backlog of property standards complaints
  • Bulk collection pick up with be an option for residents
  • Workplace initiative for persons with disabilities will be maintained
  • Funding for splash pad at Forest Glade Community Centre in 2020

I vote “No” on the following:

  • A $50,000 increase to the marketing budget for Adventure Bay

I voted “Yes” but City Council voted “No” on the following:

  • Tennis Court rehab and maintenance program
  • Park Bench maintenance program
  • Park and bicycle trails maintenance program
  • In-Land water rescue from Windsor Fire Service

The Enhanced Capital Budget will provide $400,000 for the following two projects:

  • $200,000 to rebuild the basketball court at Forest Glade Community Centre
  • $200,000 to begin engineering work for the Mulberry/Banwell roundabout as designed in the Banwell Road Environmental Assessment.

The projects that were submitted for the Enhanced Capital Budget for Ward7 included but not supported by Mayor and City Council:

  • $2.64 million for Banwell Road reconstruct
  • $600,000 for road repairs in Ward 7 – roads to be determined by City Engineer
  • $300,000 for accessible playground
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