7.1 – Conversion Pelissier Garage to Parking No 7-4 Delegation

Item 7. 1: Pelissier Street Parking Garage  - Conversion to Parking

There are a number of reasons to maintain commercial and retail space on the ground floor of the Pelissier Street Parking Garage – and many of them check off the key points in the 20 Year Strategic Vision put forward by City Council.

Promotes Downtown Revitilzation?  Check

Promotes Quality of Life? Check

Creates Jobs?  Check

Improves City Brand?  Check

Establishes new Revenue Stream?  Check

Has Measured ROI? Check

In addition to all the positive things that comes from maintaining commercial and retail, it also prevents the negative – namely – hurting the existing businesses and small business owners who have invested in the Pelissier Street corridor – businesses such as March 21 Cafe, Pho Maxim, The Squirrel Cage, A Dog’s Breakfast, Mario’s, Terracotta, Emone Korean Restaurant etc.   Creating a dead-zone of parking will hurt these businesses.

Finally, all one has to do is look two kilometers north and across the river to Detroit to see the best practises being adopted by all cities on the move.  The Z-Garage built by successful business owner Dan Gilbert has 10 floors and 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail.  The parking garage at the new Little Caesars Red Wings Arena has 7000 square feet of ground floor retial.  And the Studio One mixed use residential – a 150,000 square foot complex built by Wayne State University – also has a parking garage with …. you guessed it …. ground floor retail and commercial.

Windsor – unfortunately – chose a sub optimal path and voted to convert its ground floor commercial and retail to parking.

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