Irek’s Votes – February 25, 2019

11.2 Sandison Street Parking Yes 10-0 Delegation
11.3 Schedule of Recreation and Culture Fees Yes 6-5 Delegation
11.1 Exemption to Noise Bylaw for Huron Church Construction Yes 10-0 Regular
11.3 Summary of Healthy Kids Community Challenge Yes 10-0 Regular
12.4 Strategic Planning Session of Council – Final List of Initiatives Yes 6-4 Committee Reports


Item 12.4 – Strategic Planning Session of Council:

City Council undertook a strategic planning session in early February to outline priority initiatives.  The following list is not exhaustive – and it supplements existing strategic initiatives that are already being implemented.

In addition to the final list – see below – I put forward a motion to include Social Housing on that list, as I felt strongly that it is important to keep the issue of affordable housing at the front of our minds.  Despite making a significant investment in social housing in the form of a new 150 unit apartment building that will be constructed in East Windsor at a cost of $35 million, City Councillors are still faced with the challenge of having 5,000 residents on the waiting list for social housing.

Another priority that I was proud to put forward is Increased Tree Coverage.  Here is an excellent article that sums up our position on this critical piece of infrastructure that helps us reach all of our strategic objectives including – but not limited to – health, walkable neigbhbourhoods, climate change, flooding and economic development:

The Final List of priorities includes:

Implementation of the Sewer Master Plan – Increased Tree Coverage  – Social Housing – Asset Management Plan – Branding – Implementation of Active Transportation Study – Economic Diversification – Traffic Calming – Enhanced Property Standards  – Community Events – Enhancement of Local Improvement Projects – Residential Infrastructure Target of 25 per cent – Laneways – Sustainable Urban Growth – Additional Splash Pads – Sandwich Redevelopment – Neighbourhood Coordinator Position – Transportation Mode Shift of 20 per cent – Sandpoint Improvements – Vacant Lot development