8.9 Playground Installation Yes 10-0 Consent
10.2 Bicycle Safety Audits Yes 10-0 Presentation
11.3 WUC AGM Report Yes 10-0 Presentation
11.1 BIA Budget Approval Yes 10-0 Consent
8.31 Road Safety Report Yes 10-0 Delegations
11.5 Downtown Windsor Enhancement Strategy a CIP Grant – Valente Development Yes 10-0 Consent
11.6 Catalyst Project Review for Downtown CIP for Valente Development Yes 10-0 Consent
11.9 Maple Grove Homes development on Walker Road Yes 10-0 Consent
10.1 Mayor Acknowledges Councillor Sleiman Yes 10-0 Presentation
10.7 Arts and Culture Heritage Funding Yes 10-0 Presentation


Item 8.9 Playground Installation: Delighted to report that City Council approved the installation of a number of new playgrounds to replace old ones that had been removed.  In Ward 7 these playgrounds include the playgrounds at Bush Park on Esplanade Drive and Flora Park.

Item 8.31 Road Safety Report: City Council received an informative 2017 Road Safety Report. Here’s the highlights – or should I say lowlights: Four out of the top six intersections for collisions are located in East Windsor representing major gateways for residents living in Wards 6 & Ward 7.

Here are the bad intersections that have significantly higher collision rates – sometimes two and three times the city’s average:

Lauzon Parkway @ Tecumseh Road East

Tecumseh Road @ Forest Glade Drive

EC Row @ Banwell Road

Lauzon Road @ McHugh

McHugh @ Banwell

Wyandotte @ Lauzon Road

Lauzon @ Forest Glade Drive

I asked a simple question: is infrastructure in East Windsor keeping pace with the pace of development?

I also put forward a motion – supported unanimously – to bring a report back to City Council during budget deliberations on short term safety improvements that can be implemented.

Petition: City Councillor John Elliott brought forward a petition with 3000 signatures to install a crosswalk on Malden Road after a collision sent a four-year-old girl to hospital with serious injuries. I put forward a motion – supported unanimously by council – to fast track a report to install the crosswalk.

I believe that when a City Councillor brings forward a public safety issue to council – one supported by local residents – the onus is on council colleagues to work together and step forward with a timely and pragmatic solution.  Every Councillor has such an issue – whether it is a crosswalk on Chilver Avenue, downtown alley lights, the Dougall Avenue underpass or the lack of lights and sidewalks along Banwel Road – these are all safety issues that call for collaboration and prioritization to improve safety and quality of life for our residents.

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