Irek’s Votes – March 25, 2019

8.2 Tree Inventory & Canopy Cover Assessment Yes 8-0 Consent
8.13 Enhancing Response to Vulnerable Populations During Emergencies Yes 8-0 Consent
8.25 Relocation of Black History Murals Yes 8-0 Delegation
8.10 Planting Trees on Airport Land Report Yes 8-0 Delegation
8.15 Riverside Drive VISTA Project and ERCA Yes 8-0 Delegation
8.4 Bike Share Feasibility Update Yes 8-0 Delegation
8.3 Fluoridation ByLaw Yes 8-0 Delegation
11.1 Expropriation of 0 Provincial Road Yes 8-0 Regular
8.5 Biosolids Operations Yes 8-0 Regular
8.6 MADD Request for Signage Yes 8-0 Regular
8.8 EC Row Collision Report – Lauzon to Banwell Yes 8-0 Consent
Petition: South Cameron Wood Lot Yes 8-0 Petition
Council Question: Update Official Plan Yes 8-0 Petition


Petition and Council Question – South Cameron Woodlot: I was pleased to work with Ward 10 City Councillor Jim Morrison to get a petition tabled with 9,000+ signatories in support of protecting the South Cameron woodlot, as well as working together to submit a Council Question that directs administration to present the next steps necessary to update the City’s Official Plan to include mapping of Provincial Significant Wetlands (PSW) and other protections for natural heritage features.  These updates are critical first and foundational steps to protecting our wetlands and woodlots.

Item 8.8 – EC Row Collisions Report – Lauzon to Banwell Road: I asked for a report to be brought back identifying the number of vehicular collisions along the stretch of EC Row from Lauzon to Banwell Road.  The report indicates elevate collision rates for the eastbound midblock stretch of EC Row, and highlighting the significant collision rates at the intersection of EC Row and Banwell – with 131 total collisions overt the last five years that amounts to a collision rate that is almost three times higher than the City average for intersections.

These insights will be part of the EC Row Environmental Assessment (EA) that is currently underway which will provide a blueprint for design and engineering improvements and investments necessary to address these safety concerns.