Irek’s Votes – March 4, 2019

8.12 Economic Revitalization Plan – BASF Yes 9-0 Delegation
11.1 Rezoning 850 Wyandotte Yes 9-0 Delegation
8.7 Meadowbrook Community Housing Yes 9-0 Delegation
8.10 Closure of Alley – Lincoln Road Yes 7-2 Delegation
11.2 Transit Windsor Hub @ Hotel Dieu GH Yes 6-4 Delegation


ITEM 11.2 – Transit Windsor Hub at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare:

I supported moving the West End Transit Windsor terminal from College Avenue to the campus of Hotel-Dieu Grace Health (HDGH).  The move is pragmatic for a number of reasons – but one of the most important is the fact that HDGH is a destination for residents from all over the City and the County.

There are approximately 218,000 annual visits to HDGH and that includes over 500 nursing students, 1000 employees and 600 volunteers who will now be able to arrive at HDGH more easily.

Placing the terminal in this strategic location is also convenient for residents who are traveling to the John McGivney Children’s Centre and Malden Park to use the bike trails, running trails, baseball diamonds and indoor soccer.

Furthermore, Council recently accepted a report that will bring forward a strategic plan for Walk, Wheel Windsor that establishes a transportation mode shift target of 20 per cent.  Placing the terminal in this high trip generator is the place to begin taking that first bold step towards meeting those active transportation targets.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the current bus service to Sandwich Town will remain the same – and likely be better – as a result of the reorganization, while at the same time establishing the basis for regional transit to LaSalle and beyond.