Irek’s Votes – November 19, 2018

10.1 Sparky’s Toy Drive YES 10-0 Presentation
10.2 Integrity Commissioner Report YES 10-0 Presentation
8.11 World Synchro Event YES 10-0 Delegation
11.1 Ford City Community Improvement Plan Parts 1-4 YES 10-0 Delegation
11.1 Ford City Community Improvement Plan Part 5 NO 6-4 Delegation
11.2 & 11.3 & 11.4 South Cameron On-Street Parking Yes 10-1 Delegation
12.2 Council Compensation Review – Salary Increase NO 9-2 Delegation


ITEM 12.2 – Council Compensation Review – Salary Increase: I voted “NO” on salary increases for City Council for the following reasons:

  • The average household income in Windsor is $36,500 – which approximates a status quo rate of pay for City Councillors
  • A survey that was sent out to the community came back with over 700 responses – of which a significant majority of 61 per cent said “No” to a compensation increase
  • Timing matters. The report came to City Council after the results of the 2018 Municipal Election.  Knowing that I was elected for another term means that I would be in essence giving myself a raise, and that is not something I feel comfortable doing.  Making a compensation decision before an election (a) carries with it an element of uncertainty e.g. the councillor is not guaranteed to receive a raise because he or she may not be elected for another term (b) it gives residents the opportunity to take the compensation increase into consideration when voting


ITEM 11.1 – Ford City Community Improvement Plan (CIP):  As with the Downtown Windsor Community Improvement Plan (CIP) – I supported 95 per cent of the recommendations for the Ford City Community Improvement Plan (CIP) meaning I supported Parts 1 – 4 which provide incentives for investments in new or renewed residential, commercial and retail.

We have already seen in the last few short months Parts 1-4 of the Downtown CIP drawing upwards of $60 million in investments to the downtown core including major apartment buildings on Crawford (100+ units) and Ouellette (30+ units) and also commercial (new Quicken Loans office in the Fish Market) to name but a few.  The CIP has also helped attract over 600 new jobs to Windsor in the last year.

As with the Downtown CIP – I could not support Part 5 of the Ford City CIP, which provides grants to residents who make renovations on their homes such as fixing a porch, windows or roof.  I do not support public tax dollars going to subsidize improvements in private property that are the responsibility of the homeowner and which do not reach a certain threshold of public benefit – for example – as would incentives for the establishment of a grocery store, a restaurant or an apartment which – though privately owned – all provide a direct benefit to the public in the form of access to services, goods and in the creation of jobs.