7.4 Recognition of Riverwest Neighbourhood Yes 10-0 Communication
7.5 City Hall construction update Yes 10-0 Communication
8.19 2017 report on state of our environment Yes 10-0 Presentation
8.17 2016 Flooding Event Follow Up Yes 10-0 Deferral
11.1 Donation of Streetcar and Restoration No 7-4 Delegation
8.22 and 8. 11 Sandwich Town gateway arch Yes 10-0 Delegation
8.9 Site plan application for University of Windsor Bus Depot Re-Development Yes 10-0 Delegation
8.8 Riverside Minor Baseball Association lease agreement for Miracle Diamond Yes 10-0 Regular
11.2 Renovations at 2437 Howard Avenue Yes 8-2 Regular
11.3 Windsor Express Proposal Yes 10-0 Deferral


Item 11.1 – Donation and Restoration of Streetcar: I voted NO on spending $750,000 to restore a historic streetcar. Although I support the City accepting the donation of the streetcar, I believe the City did not review all restoration options that could have saved the taxpayer $750,000. For example – streetcar restoration was undertaken by volunteers in both Ottawa and Winnipeg. In both cases, the streetcars were of the same relative vintage as the one in the City of Windsor.

Hence, I voted NO on the single sourcing of the restoration. In other words, I opposed the fact that not even an Request-for-Proposal (RFP) was issued to see whether there were less expensive options.

A final concern is the fact that – in the photos that I have seen – very little of the original streetcar appears to be salvageable. In other words – I would have liked to find out what percentage of the original streetcar could be restored (10 per cent? 20 per cent?) before committing $750,000.

I just felt there are other capital priorities in the City – and hence we owed it to the taxpayer to do some homework.

Item 8.19 – 2017 Report on the State of Our Environment: Very good Report On the State of our Environment (ROSE).  I raised the following question:

1. The total phosphorous removal in the Little River has decreased (pg. 6) – and what improvements can be introduced e.g. at the Little River Pollution Control Plant?

2. We see a huge spike in the phosphorous loading into Little River recently – how can that be explained?

3. Can we accelerate tree planting in the City of Windsor?

4. In light of the recent storms and flooding – 2016 & 2017 – has the amount of water bypassing treatment at the Little River Pollution Control Plant increased?  If so – what can be done to improve the situation?

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