5.1 PwC Audit Quarterly Report Yes 10-0 Presentation
5.2 PwC Year in Review 2016-17 Yes 10-0 Presentation
5.3 Summary of Hotline Issues Yes 10-0 Presentation
5.4 Status of implementation of recommendations Yes 10-0 Presentation
6.1 Compliance with applicable laws Yes 10-0 Business


5.1 PwC Audit Quarterly Report: Among the issues raised – the one that drew my attention were the concerns surrounding the City’s Inventory Controls, meaning, things like paint, bus parts, mowers etc.

Here are three quotes from the audit that raised some flags:

“Two of three operational areas had limited or infrequent controls over documentation and tracking of inventory” (pg. 89)

For facilities “the one site visited did not have any security measures in place in the area where inventory was stored” (pg. 94)

With regards to raw materials “the use of inventory is not tracked nor is the quantity known” (pg. 95).

The key question that arises is: how would we know if items in our inventory were misplaced or misused?

Administration has responded to these concerns raised in the audit with a plan to review current controls, review best practises from other municipalities, and put in place tighter controls.

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