Investing in Infrastructure & Public Safety

  • Voted YES on $89 million Flood Mitigation Plan for Ward 6 & Ward 7 in East Windsor – with $40 million that will directly benefit Ward 7 residents by improving the capacity of sewers, pump stations and retention basins
  • Voted YES on new $2 billion Acute Care Hospital that will provide Ward 7 residents with faster & easier access to acute health care
  • Successfully pushed for an accelerated completion of the Storm and Sanitary Master Plan as the blue print for making our City resilient to flooding
  • Successfully fought for street lighting to be installed on Banwell Road in early 2019
  • $3M committed for improvements to the intersection of EC Row and Banwell Road
  • 18 streets repaved in Forest Glade in 2017 & 2018
  • Helped lead City’s call for tighter rail safety standards plus greater transparency and accountability from rail companies

Sound Economic Policy & Fiscal Responsibility

  • Voted for a ZERO percent increase of the General Tax Levy
  • Voted NO on construction of a $7.2 million downtown parking garage an NO to multi-million dollar downtown Riverside Drive underpass

Accountable and Transparent

  • Near perfect attendance record at meetings of City Council over the last five years
  • Voted YES for an Auditor General
  • The only City Councillor to publish their voting record online

Great Parks, Bike Trails and Quality of Life

  • Voted YES to build East End community swimming pool in the WFCU Centre
  • New basketball court and pickleball multi-use cout at Forest Glade Optimist Park
  • Secured investments to improve Elizabeth Kishkon Park including new washroom, new basketball court, paved trails, paved parking and new benches – coming 2018!
  • Voted YES to maintain Lakeview Park Marina as City owned with $300,000 in capital improvements
  • Initiated billboard blitz to remove old, unsightly, worn out billboards across Ward 7
  • Vote YES to replace 28 old playgrounds including two brand new playgrounds at Flora Park in East Riverside and Bush Park in Forest Glade
  • $500,000 placeholder set aside for lighting along Ganatchio Trail
  • Supported the Windsor Loop Bike Trail
  • $500,000 set aside for establishment of a new bike park
  • Joined ERCA in planting over 7,500 trees in Ward 7
  • Voted YES to establish $2.75 million Arts Endowment Fund
  • Supported the Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) with a $250,000 investment in new equipment
  • Voted YES to build, expand and modernize three new community libraries
  • Voted YES on construction of Miracle Field baseball diamond supporting disabled youth and their families

Economic Development Starts at Home

  • Supported Community Improvement Plan that has attracted over $60 million in private investment in Windsor and helped create and retain hundreds of jobs
  • Voted YES on Samsung Solar Farm investment that will pump over $20 million into local economy
  • Voted YES to reduce industrial tax rate to encourage investment and economic development
  • Voted YES to support a local company retain 800 jobs and establish a permanent World HQ in Windsor
  • Support small business and startup entrepreneur

Strong Schools, Strong Economy

  • Established a youth mentoring program called Youth Advising City Councillors that engages students in local government
  • Installed a Tech Hub and Lego Robotics kits in the Forest Glade Library to give young and the young at heart access to the power of technology

Public Transit

  • Voted YES on the modernization of Transit Windsor including the purchase of 24 new buses
  • Voted YES on the installation of 120 new solar-powered bus shelters
  • Votes YES to expand Lauzon 10 bus service across Ward 7 including drop-offs at the WFCU and Twin Oaks industrial park



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