If you’re pressed for time – here are some highlights of investments in Ward 7:


  • Unanimous support for a historic $89 million investment in flood mitigation, pump stations, retention basins and sewers in Ward 6 & 7 – as a direct response to flooding in 2016 – with close to $40 million directly improving flood resiliency in Ward 7
  • Supported new $2 billion hospital that will provide Ward 7 residents with faster and easier access to acute health care
  • Unanimous support for over $3 million to improve Banwell Road including addition of streetlights (2019) and improving intersection at EC Row
  • Eighteen (18) streets repaved in Forest Glade by the fall of 2018


  • Thanks to sound fiscal management¬†the City’s tax levy is lower today than it was 10 years ago – with City Council working hard to attain zero percent increases to the tax levy each year
  • Meanwhile, this City Council continued to reduce our City’s debt from $230 million in 2003 to $85 million in 2017 – which will reach $54 million in 2021.
  • At the same time, this City Council has increased significantly our rainy-day reserve fund


  • Successfully supported construction of $6.5 million East End Community Swimming Pool at the WFCU Centre
  • Over $200,000 was invested on a brand new basketball & multi-use pickleball court in Forest Glade Optimist Park
  • Elizabeth Kishkon Park will receive a new paved parking lot + new basketball court + benches + trails in the fall of 2018 as well as a new washroom
  • A new splash pad in Forest Glade park is scheduled for 2021
  • By 2018 – three new playgrounds installed in Ward 7
  • Capital budget includes new trail lights for the Ganatchio Trail and also a new bike fix station


  • Voted YES for an independent Auditor General
  • The only City Councillor to publish their voting record online


  • Supported Community Improvement Plan (CIP) which has attracted over $60 million in private investment in the City in 2018 alone, and which has supported multiple companies locating in Windsor, growing in Windsor, and a result creating and protecting hundreds of jobs


  • With help from the federal government the City purchased 22 new buses and are installing over 120 new bus shelters


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